Mathematically Perfect,
Functionally Sublime.

Design by Fifteen heralds the Japanese concept of yo-no-bi: where beauty and function finds the perfect balance. While function triumphs over form, paradoxically form is in itself but a function of beauty. Each work becomes a functional art piece. It is not a shouting match; definitely not a “look here” object. But each object becomes an understatement: I am always here. It is not transient but permanent, becoming a part of you.

Hence, Design by Fifteen bears testament to that smart but functional design. A design aesthetic defined by precise mathematical notations coupled with a reductionist view to objects. Indeed, mathematically, 15 can be conveyed in the magic square with running numbers from 1 to 9, with each diagonal, horizontal or vertical line resulting to the conclusive sum of 15.

It is mathematically perfect in every sense.
And it is functionally beautiful at every angle.
This is design by fifteen.